Casey Mananku Mokhitli

After graduating from ML Sultan and Durban University of Technology, I worked as a designer for the DGIT group an architectural firm, based in Durban. I then relocated to Bloemfontein to further pursue my career,  due to my passion for art and design, I opened my own design practice in 2005, called Bluhues Design & Marketing.

Bluhues has worked on various creative projects for both small and big businesses, apart from our core business in design and branding we have worked in events management, interior design spaces and creative strategy for small emerging businesses and the public sector. 


Our work

We have developed and organized diverse business and creative projects. Bluhues Design & Marketing has created, annual events that have given a platform to young creative professionals for business opportunities. We design and initiate projects ranging from fashion (Macufe Fashion Shows), Arts (Mr & Miss CUT), Sports (FIFA 2010 World Cup), Education (fashion Workshops), Technology (Product launches) to Rural development and Agriculture  with the objective of producing employment and positive community involvement in any sector. 

The Atelier

At out creative corner, we develop design applications for promotional campaigns. We design and print business cards, posters, flyers, banners, signage, vehicle branding, promotional material and brand development for small business

We also work partner with other industry leaders, offer services on interior spaces, and conceptualize new event ideas, research, profile and produce most of event materials on demand. 

Our Quality

Our goal is to provide our clients with work that is simple and wow. 

It is never too late to rebrand, recreate so you can fully communicate what is relevant to your customers, so as we can all achieve a common goal. To get more clients and increase sales

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso